Biofinity 6 Pack 12 Boxes

Biofinity 6 Pack 12 Boxes

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The Biofinity lenses are well-known all over the world for their comfortableness and effectiveness. These lenses by Biofinity provide your contacts fit to be worn for up to a month without feeling any sort of dryness or itching in the eye. They are made of Aquaform, which is a patented technology that creates maximum wearing comfort.

The monthly lens is an effective and cheap option for all of those who prefer to wear contacts in any situation, for example those who need very strong correction for their eyes. Don’t forget to write down when you’ve started to wear your pair though, because overusing them can cause very serious problems, such as inflammation and severe infections.

Usage: Monthly Disposable Contact Lens

Lens Type: Monthly | Spherical (for Near/Farsighted)

Material: Comfilcon A 52%

Water Content: 48%

Oxygen Permeability: 128 Dk/t