LC-Wide 35 mm Film Camera

LC-Wide 35 mm Film Camera

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Back in 1992, a group of footloose Viennese students stumbled upon a little black camera called the Lomo LC-A. Since then, millions of Lomographers from every corner of the planet have come together to build an unstoppable movement — Lomography! To celebrate a quarter century of no rules, happy mistakes, and a whole lot of analogue love, this 25th Anniversary Edition Lomo LC-Wide features a unique, real leather design, and is complete with a special, embossed anniversary message!

Available while limited stock lasts, this anniversary edition, glass lens camera is compatible with a wide range of exclusive accessories and features the original 17mm Minigon-1 Ultra-Wide-Angle lens, a choice of three different photo formats (full, square or half-format), unlimited multiple exposures, auto-exposure settings, lightning-quick focusing and a tripod thread. Get your piece of the Lomography legacy now!


  • Minigon Ultra-Wide Lens: Developed specially for the LC-Wide; as its name suggests, the 17mm Minigon Ultra-Wide Lens takes stunning wide-angle photos.
  • Format Frenzy: Choose between full, square or half-format shots at the flip of a switch.
  • Classic Lomographic Look: The Minigon lens delivers superb vignettes, mind-blowing color saturation and knockout contrast.

  • Lightning-fast zone Focusing: Easily pick your focus distance and get as close as 0.4m to your subject.
  • Simple Multiple and long exposures: Take unlimited multiple exposure shots and use the included cable release thread for effortless long exposures.
  • Film ISO range from 100-1600: Whether you pick a low or high ISO film, the LC-Wide will have a setting to match.
  • Use 35mm Film: Takes all types of 35mm film including color negative, slide, black and white and redscale.